Do you really want to hurt me

by She Makes War

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    After the overwhelming response to the super limited edition vinyl effect CD single versions of this release comes the slightly different second pressing.

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    Compact Disc (CD)

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LISTEN (skip to 44m45):

Track 1: Do you really want to hurt me
Yes - *that* song! Due to copyright I'm unable to offer a preview of the music here, but I'd describe it as sounding like The Breeders produced by Trent Reznor. You'll be able to stream it on all digital platforms from the release date but trust me, you're going to love this!

“In a time when hard fought for freedoms are in danger of being reversed and eroded and people still live in fear of persecution and violence every day for the “crime” of being themselves, it’s not enough for straight white liberals to pat themselves on the back for not being part of the problem - it’s way beyond time we become active allies. This single is a celebration of individuality, a tribute to an inspirational performer and my deliciously dark take on a bloody brilliant pop song”.

Track 2: "I Want My Country Back"
This song was originally released in 2017 as a protest against the liars, cheats and scoundrels running our country, both from the Conservative Government and from the right wing press. Sadly, it didn't change the world, but it brought feelings of hope and solidarity to me and some of you, and that's something worth fighting for.

Second pressing:

Two track standard CD single x 100.

First pressing:

Two track vinyl effect CD single strictly limited to 200 hand numbered and signed copies - 100 x white, 100 x black.


released May 18, 2018

Produced by Laura Kidd.
Engineered and mixed by Dan Austin.

Vocals, guitar, bass and synth by Laura Kidd.
Drums by Dan Whitfield.

Track 1 written by O'Dowd, Moss, Hay and Craig, published by BMG VM Music Ltd. Originally recorded by Culture Club.
Track 2 written by Laura Kidd.



She Makes War Bristol, UK

She Makes War is the solo project of Bristol based multi-instrumentalist producer and visual artist Laura Kidd. Blending urgent indie rock with melancholy torch songs, SMW’s new album “Brace For Impact” was released on 5th October 2018 via My Big Sister Recordings – listen now! ... more


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